As the Youth/Family Events Coordinator for Belle Meade Country Club, I LOVED getting to work with Rita and Abby! They are so patient and encouraging with the children. We had a couple children who had a parent late for picking them up from the class. Rita and Abby stayed with the children, talking and reading with them while they waited. 


From start to finish, both the parents and children are so engaged with the ladies as they guide them through instruction. Our members said they were extremely pleased with the classes, and have referred the class to friends and family. Rita and Abby are so polite, flexible, attentive to detail and make coordinating the class such a breeze. We look forward to having them at our next Etiquette Class!




Hayden Kershaw
Catering and Youth/Family Events Coordinator
Belle Meade Country Club



 I recently became the Youth Director at Belle Meade Country Club. My responsibilities include planning and coordinating all children’s and family events. One of the programs that were set in place by my predecessor was etiquette classes that happen twice a month. 


Mac Watson told me how wonderful these ladies were but I really did not realize how great they were until I met them and saw the quality of their product. I cannot say enough how fantastic it is to work with Rita Woodard and Abby Green with Southern Grace. They are extremely proficient and the children both love them and respect them.  


Their attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. If there is ever any sort of issue, they are more than helpful and keep a very flexible schedule. 


If you are considering hosting an etiquette class for children or teens, I highly recommend Southern Grace.


Brad Berryman,
Youth Director,
Belle Meade Country Club



I wanted to take the time to write a letter of recommendation for Southern Grace.  As the Youth Program Coordinator here at Belle Meade Country Club, I am responsible for creating and executing a wide variety of events and activities for our kids.  In the process of trying to come up with something new to add to the line-up, we thought to investigate hosting an etiquette class here at the Club.  We began looking for different companies on the internet and also called a few other Clubs to see if they had any experience hosting these classes.  When it was all said and done, there was only one company that we would offer the chance of having the privilege to work with our kids and that was Southern Grace.  From the first phone call, to coming to meet with myself and board members of the Club, they were great.  They were willing to do anything we asked and went above and beyond to make themselves available to us.  Southern Grace has successfully conducted 4 children’s etiquette classes at Belle Meade Country Club with tremendous success.  We look forward to long and productive relationship with Southern Grace and I cannot say enough good things about these two lovely ladies.


Mac Watson

Youth Director
Belle Meade Country Club
815 Belle Meade Blvd
Nashville, TN 37205



A fellow teacher and I organized a week of cooking lessons for a small group of seventh-graders. Since they would be sitting to eat what they had cooked, we thought it would be fun to have an etiquette lesson beforehand. We contacted Southern Grace, and they got back to us right away with some ideas of what we could do. They worked with our needs, our schedule, our location and our age group perfectly.

They were gracious (of course!) and knowledgeable, and the kids responded really well to the table-manners part of the lesson, as well as to the discussion of how etiquette boils down to being kind to one another. We heard and saw evidence of the lessons having registered throughout our week of cooking and eating.
Thank you so much, Rita and Abby!

Martha Moore
University School Of Nashville
2000 Edgehill Ave.
Nashville. TN



As a small Montessori school in Murfreesboro, we have the opportunity to explore many areas of enrichment for our students. Each year, we spend time teaching and refining the basics of etiquette in our classrooms. Grace and Courtesies are a yearly tradition in the Montessori classroom! As part of our Kindergarten curriculum this year for our 3rd year students, we made the decision to invest in formal etiquette training to reinforce the lessons that our students learn year after year. We were delighted to find that Southern Grace offers such formalized classes for young children.


Ms. Rita and Ms.Abby, our etiquette instructors, were not only knowledgeable but patient, loving, and kind as well. Our Kindergarteners were excited and enthusiastic about having the opportunity to refine their manners in such a charming & beautiful environment. The curriculum not only complemented the Grace & Courtesies that we teach at Bambini Village, but took our learning a step further into formal place settings and the importance of developing confidence.


We highly recommend Southern Grace training to support and refine the manners that are taught in the home and in school. We anticipate a long-lasting partnership with Southern Grace as another way to enrich our student’s lives.

With Gratitude,
Reanna Sarieh
Directress & Proprietress
Bambini Village Montessori



I just arrived home after the ISM May meeting with guest speaker Rita Woodard from Southern Grace. I spent the whole drive home thinking about many of the reminders she discussed tonight. I’ve learned plenty of new things and  I think the thing that may be the biggest impression was how relatable the topic of etiquette really is with in our business and professional lives. No doubt that with everything we do we leave an impression on someone and I hope that I make the right impression. Going forward, I choose to take responsibility and I choose to practice good business etiquette fulling knowing that this WILL pay off in the long run.


Contact Southern Grace and have Rita speak at your next event – what a fun and interesting speaker!


Tex Shellhart
ISM Nashville



The girls loved the experience of the manners class at our Princess Tea Party and from what I hear it was a great success. 


Thank you again!

Jack Simon


Director of Camp Davis and Childrens Programming



Southern Grace at Fair Haven was the perfect venue as it has the romantic feeling we envisioned for our wedding. It was the most beautiful day of my life. I highly recommend this venue for anyone who wants an outdoor wedding.


Brandy Lauer




 It was truly a stroke of good fortune to have hit upon your Southern Grace Youth Etiquette Program as an activity for our granddaughters when they visited us in Nashville.  As grandmothers, a friend and I were looking for a way for our granddaughters, who only see each other once a year, to reconnect.  The little girls’ mothers were happy to participate in a program for their children to polish up social skills and everyday etiquette.  The group of nine 7-11 year olds were a little wary at first, but with your expert guidance, they quickly embraced the idea of exhibiting “southern grace” as they enjoyed a seated ladies’ luncheon.


Reports from their moms in the following days were glowing.  All the girls eagerly set the table for their family meals, and I even overheard one of my granddaughters tell two boys at the pool that it was REALLY fun!


From setting a proper table to the final handshakes and thank yous, Abby and you are absolute masters of the trade.  With two such charming  and delightful teachers, how could anyone not enjoy and benefit from a few hours of Southern Grace?


Bertie and I really appreciate your enthusiasm and flexibility in scheduling our session.  Best wishes for continued success in your unique business venture.  The world could use a lot more southern grace!


Peggy Fitzgerald




“My daughter, Erin, really enjoyed attending Manners Class. Not only did she have fun, her manners improved and she has shared what she learned with her siblings. We will definitely share our experience with others!”


Melissa Vanhook



“Southern Grace is both educational and entertaining for children of all ages! My daughter, Emma Grace, thoroughly enjoyed every class. Mrs. Abby’s interactive and creative style fully engages all of her students. The classes provided important life skills that will enable the students to succeed with confidence in everyday life. Although my daughter is only eight, these lessons will see her through her life. I highly recommend Southern Grace! Thank you Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Abby!”


Jessica Novak




“Southern Grace is fabulous. It is so nice to have a place to send your children where you know they will be safe and learn important life skills. Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Abby are wonderful instructors, but more importantly they are excellent examples of Southern Grace!”


Angie Barnes




“My son learned so much about good manners and being a gentleman at Southern Grace. It really reinforced and enhanced what we teach him at home. He learned lessons that will last a lifetime.”


Misty Marlin




“From the moment we met Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Abby, Southern Grace was clearly more than an etiquette class. We sensed a genuine sincerity that these ladies desire to make a positive impact in the lives of young people. Our son, Ethan, who has an autism spectrum disorder, was welcomed with open arms and felt completely at ease. It was extremely rewarding to watch Ethan’s self-confidence improve over the weeks and he looked forward to attending the classes. This experience was certainly a blessing in our lives and we can’t thank Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Abby enough for their generosity and words of encouragement.”


Kenny and Carla Wilson




“What a privilege it has been to have my children enrolled in Southern Grace. Each week they learn practical lessons that enhance everyday living. Mrs. Abby and Mrs. Rita are so good with the children and make the manners classes very interesting and fun. My girls look forward to their class each week. They come home and practice what they’ve learned.


I feel that the time we have invested has helped to empower them with confidence in social situations that is valuable now and for their future. It has been a wonderful experience for us and I highly recommend Southern Grace to others.”


Stephanie Anderson




“Delaney loved manners classes at Southern Grace. After completing the dining tutorial, I noticed that when we would be at a restaurant she knew exactly where everything went for a proper place setting. She learned etiquette and social skills that she will use forever. Thank you Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Abby!”


Jamie Vaught




“My daughter, Hannah, just loved being part of the etiquette classes at Southern Grace! The classes have definitely improved her table manners, along with her social skills interacting with other children and adults. Thank you for everything you have done for us!”


Stefanie Streger




“Thank you so much for the pleasurable experience that our three boys had in your manners class. You both helped all three of them to feel right at home. They could not wait to tell us what they learned in class after they came home each week. We parents actually learned a few things as well.

When we had company and wanted to set the table formally, our sons knew just how to do it. They did not have to be reminded at the supper table to use a certain piece of silverware or where to put it when not using it. Our guests were impressed with how well our boys did at the table. I was the proudest mom for miles around. We can never thank you enough for your kindness to our sons and the heart you have for working with children in the first place. I sincerely thank you for your thoughtfulness in all you did.”


Laura Montgomery




“It has been a joy to watch Jillian grow each week with Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Abby. Jillian not only learned valuable etiquette for special social situations, she also learned manners for day-to-day living! Jillian loved going week to week for her class and did not want to see them come to an end, that in its self let us know how much she loved going. Thank you so much Southern Grace! ”


Jeff and Jenni Burton




“Dear Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Abby, This has been such a terrific experience for Delaney. She really liked manners classes and learned so much. She loved coming to Fair Haven each week and seeing the horses. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend Southern Grace!”


Jacque Spintzyk